How to Build a Sustainable Future: Free Initiatives to Help Your Business Thrive

 In May’s Newsletter we gave you a head start on some of the small steps that you can take to make your business more sustainable and save money. 

Whether you’re writing tenders, communicating to stakeholders, seeking investment, or keeping up with regulatory compliance, the demand for showcasing your sustainability efforts is ever-increasing. 

In today’s fast-paced landscape, understanding and reporting your sustainability credentials is paramount for SMEs and larger businesses alike.

 How would you like something more tangible to support your business in your sustainable growth?


Chichester District Council have announced two exciting new initiatives to help business in the area to be more sustainable.

The first is Sussex Six. This has just launched in Chichester District to promote local food & drink. This will include a dedicated Chichester directory for local food & drink businesses.

This new campaign encouraging local shops, pubs, restaurants and cafés to stock more locally sourced produce and shout about it! The campaign is also about enabling local producers to develop their skills in selling to local businesses.

If you are a local food & drink producer, or run a food shop, restaurant, pub or café which sells and serves local produce, be sure and get listed now (or update your listing).

Be one of the first companies to sign up for free to this new initiative, click on the link on the Sussex Food and drink website here and then click on the get listed button under the home page and fill in the form, it’s a free. Make sure you hear about the upcoming opportunities to get involved in the Sussex Six Campaign by signing up to @Chichester District Council’s Business newsletter eBiz here.

The second initiative which is open to all SME businesses in the district, is the Sustainability Bootcamp.

 We understand that becoming more sustainable and communicating the action you are taking can be quite daunting. You may well be asking yourself one or more of the following questions:

  •  How do we keep up with changing legislation?
  • Our customers want us to become more sustainable, but where do we start?
  • How do we create a sustainability strategy that’s right for our business?
  • How do we report our progress to our stakeholders?

In collaboration with award-winning sustainability management and reporting platform, @FuturePlus, @Chichester District Council is offering a Sustainability Bootcamp to help businesses in the district future-proof their positive impact, integrate sustainable practices into their operations, communicate their goals, and report on their progress.

By participating in the programme, business will have access to the tools, knowledge and expertise to help them develop meaningful plans to adapt and respond to the impacts of climate change, as well as developing a greater awareness and understanding of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and offering practical support towards achieving industry recognised sustainability standards.

The Bootcamp has been designed to appeal to a broad range of SME businesses across all sectors. It is ideally suited to businesses that have the ambition to make a positive contribution to climate change and run/grow their businesses sustainably.

The Bootcamp will be a valuable investment in your company’s future. The course and support on offer would normally be priced at £6,000 so is well worth attending.

If you’re interested in signing up to this amazing opportunity, there is an Expression of Interest form on the Council’s website. Be fast tough, first round closes on June 17th 2024!

If your business is in Chichester District, now is the time to take action!